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My DevOps Presentation from Keep Austin Agile 2016

Here is the video from the DevOps presentation I gave this week at the Keep Austin Agile conference. DevOps – Applying Lean & Agile Principles to Operations & More from Chris Edwards on Vimeo. You can get the slides here. Abstract: By now you have likely heard about DevOps. It’s quickly gaining adoption. But what […]

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Microservices Presentation from Keep Austin Agile 2015 Conference

On Friday I gave this presentation on Microservices at the Keep Austin Agile 2015 conference in Austin, TX. Below you will find the video and slides as well. I presented Microservices as a solution that solves some very difficult problems, but it does so by swapping those problems of some other problems that are easier […]

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Push Your Tests Down: Part 1 – Testing Levels

I this series, I want to touch on one of the biggest traps people fall into with test automation: writing too many high-level tests. I have made this painful mistake and struggled with constant test failures and spent many hours troubleshooting things that weren’t even problems in production. They were just bad (flaky) tests. I […]

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Effective Test Automation Presentation – Keep Austin Agile 2014

This weekend I gave a presentation at the Keep Austin Agile conference called “Effective Test Automation”. Effective Test Automation from Chris Edwards on Vimeo. Keynote file Slides as PDF Abstract It’s easy to write tests, but it’s not so easy to maintain them over time. Tests should not be a drain on your productivity, they […]

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Automatically Ignoring Untrusted SSL Certificates in Firefox Using WebDriver and C#

The "This Connection Is Untrusted" page Firefox was showing

TL;DR – You can tell WebDriver to automatically ignore untrusted SSL certificates on Firefox by setting the “webdriver_assume_untrusted_issuer” preference to false in the Firefox profile. We recently ran into an issue where our tests were failing because Firefox was showing the “This Connection is Untrusted” window. Firefox was complaining that our SSL certificate was not […]

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