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Improving the Developer Culture at Your Workplace

Here are some of the things we do here at BancVue to help keep our developer culture healthy and strong. They are things you can do to improve the developer culture at your work. Many of these things can be started by anyone at the company, though a few may require management approval or financial […]

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Be a Mentor, Not a Critic

This quote was posted on twitter last week and really stuck with me, "Be a mentor, not a critic." I don’t remember who posted it, but it really made me think about my attitude at work. I like to think of myself as a mentor. I try to help others become better developers. I make […]

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Antipattern: The Bloated Configuration File

Configuration files should contain only the values the end users will need to configure. Everything else should be in code. One problem with WCF is the size of the configuration files. They contain so much data they are unreadable. Its such a problem that Microsoft provides the WCF Configuration Editor to ease developers pain when […]

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