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Do you lead by influence or position?

I was listening to the Manager Tools Podcast and learned there are two leadership styles: leading by influence or leading by position. Leading by Position Leading by position is when others follow you only because you are in a position of authority. “Do this…because I am your boss!” While people should follow those in a […]

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Catching vs. Bubbling Errors

When should you catch an error? When should you just bubble up an error? I was asked this question a while back and came to a rather simple answer. There are two cases when you should catch an error. In all other cases, bubble it. When the error needs to be displayed or logged, catch […]

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Questions To Ask In Retrospectives

If you ask poor questions in your retrospectives, you will get equally poor results. To uncover the problem areas that you need to focus on, you need to ask the right questions. Here are a list of questions I have compiled over many years of retrospectives. Most of the questions here are very developer-centric, but […]

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It takes a long time to catch up when I fall behind on twitter. Not anymore. I started using to gather all the urls that are tweeted in a day into one consolidated view that looks like a newspaper. See image. I simply navigated to to sign up, and entered my twitter id […]

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Intro to MongoDb slides and audio from CTXDNUG, March 2011

I presented an updated version of my Introduction to MongoDb talk at the Central Texas .NET User Group back in March. I incorporated a lot of what I leaned from the MongoAustin conference. The target audience is technical people (developers) who have experience with relational databases, but have never looked at MongoDb before. It covers […]

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