My DevOps Presentation from Keep Austin Agile 2016

Here is the video from the DevOps presentation I gave this week at the Keep Austin Agile conference.

DevOps – Applying Lean & Agile Principles to Operations & More from Chris Edwards on Vimeo.

You can get the slides here.


By now you have likely heard about DevOps. It’s quickly gaining adoption. But what is it? And why should you care? DevOps is all about creating a culture of high collaboration between development and operations with a goal of optimizing the entire software delivery pipeline—from code commit to features running in production. This enables organizations to deliver value into production faster and at a lower cost—even enabling multiple production deployments per day. Imagine the competitive advantage gained by delivering new features in hours or days rather than weeks, months or quarters.

This talk will show how DevOps improves agility by optimizing the delivery pipeline. We’ll look at common patterns and anti-patterns. We’ll see the kind of tools needed to automate and manage the ever increasing number of servers and applications modern organizations need. We’ll also discuss the benefits and costs of adopting a DevOps culture.

Here is a taste of some of the things we will discuss:

  • Get ops involved up front rather than at the end, so deployment and monitoring issues are found early and rework is reduced.
  • Treat infrastructure as code so it is automated, repeatable, and under version control.
  • Ensure your development and test environments are identical to production (or as close as possible). This helps catch issues sooner rather than in production.
  • Deploy more frequently so you are dealing with a smaller batch of changes. This is easier to manage, and less likely to fail.

If you struggle with deployments, or your ops team is constantly fighting fires and drowning in unplanned work, this talk is for you. Come see how DevOps can improve the agility of your organization.

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