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Upgrading Java for Firefox on 64-bit Windows

If you are on a 64-bit Windows machine and are getting a notification that your Java plugin version is out of date in Firefox even after installing the latest version, you need to install the 32-bit version of Java. Firefox runs as a 32-bit application on Windows, so it uses the 32-bit version of Java. […]

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You ARE protecting your passwords in your config files AREN’T YOU?

When we are writing software for our clients, we have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the security of their site. One way to increase security is to ensure that passwords and other sensitive information are not laying around in our config files unsecured (in plain text). All too many times I have seen something like […]

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Video: Padawan to Jedi – A Developer Jump-Start (my presentation at Austin Code Camp 2011)

Here is the video of my “Padawan to Jedi – A Developer Jump-Start” presentation I gave last week at the Austin Code Camp 2011. It touches on all the principles, patterns, practices, and such that I have learned in my many years being a developer. I designed the Padawan2Jedi talk to present knowledge in a […]

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Video: Introduction to MongoDB – Austin Code Camp 2011

Here is the video from my Introduction to MongoDB talk that I did today at the Austin Code Camp 2011. This is an updated presentation that includes some animations to explain the replication and sharding concepts in MongoDB. In the talk, I also cover indexing and querying of the data. I also have attached the […]

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I Will Be Presenting at Austin Code Camp 2011

I will be giving 3 presentations at the 2011 Austin Code Camp. The first will by my Introduction to MongoDB talk that I have given several times… Introduction to MongoDB MongoDB is one of the new breed of “NoSQL” databases available as alternatives to relational databases. It is a document database that represents its data […]

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