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Why does IIS fail when I reference a .NET 3.5 assembly in ASP.NET?

I added a reference to a .NET 3.5 assembly in one of our ASP.NET web pages. Visual studio warned me that the website project was using .NET 2.0 and needed to be upgraded to use 3.5. So I right clicked on the web project, changed it to use 3.5, and added my reference. All was […]

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Screencast of my Integration Testing and Fluent Builder presentation at Austin Code Camp 2009

I gave my first public presentation today at the Austin Code Camp. It was titled: “Big Picture Testing – Fluently building complex object graphs for integration tests”. I recorded it as a screencast and attached it below. Overall, I feel it went VERY well. I would be interested to hear what you think. I am […]

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Utility: WizMouse, scroll wherever your mouse is

A coworker of mine suggested this utility and I really liked it. It allows your mouse to scroll whatever window is beneath it regardless of whether that window has the focus or not. -=CE=-

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Three Principles for Tests Touching the Database

I have found three principles that really improve the stability and maintainability of our integration tests that hit the database. These principles are intended for automated tests running through some unit testing framework that access the database in any way. Data Self-Sufficiency A test should insert any data it needs into the database. The converse […]

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Presenting at Austin Code Camp 2009

I will be presenting at the Austin Code Camp 2009 next weekend. Its a FREE event next Saturday (May 30th) from 8am-5pm. Lunch is provided. If you are a developer and are able to make it, I highly recommend attending. I attended last year, and I learned a lot and walked away energized and excited. […]

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