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Extension: ToPrintableString() dynamically print an object and its properties

Have you ever wanted to print out an object and all its property values to a log file or an error message? Have you overridden the ToString() method on all your objects to do this? If you have, you know how tedious it can be, and you will really appreciate this method. What does it […]

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A Dynamic Equality Assertion Method in C#

Ever wanted to assert two objects were equal without having to manually compare their public properties one at a time? Now you can. This method asserts the equality of any two objects by comparing the values of all public, readable properties that have matching names and types. It will compare them even if the objects are different types. This may very well be the last object assertion method you will ever need!

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Slides and Audio for my Introduction to MongoDB presentation

I presented at the Austin .NET User Group this week. The topic was an “Introduction to MongoDB”. Below are the slides and the audio from the presentation. The talk covers MongoDB from the perspective of a newcomer to the technology. I relate the concepts in MongoDB to their corresponding SQL idioms–pointing out their differences and […]

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I will be presenting on MongoDB at the Austin .NET Users Group Monday

Here is the info that will be going out in the ADNUG notice. Topic: Introduction to MongoDB The relational database has been around for a very long time. It is used in almost every kind of application imaginable. Most all developers have experience using an RDBMS and use it on almost every project by default. […]

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Creating a new gemspec for the Nubular Project (Nu) is easier than you might think

I just started using Nu to manage the dependencies in my Fluency project. I had used package managers for ruby and php in the past, and loved them, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out Nu. I am glad I did. What the heck is Nu? Nu is a package manager for […]

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