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Advanced MongoDB Queries in C# using the NoRM Driver: Part 1

In my last two posts, I said that I planned on showing how to perform more advanced queries using MongoDB. Today I will be doing just that by demonstrating advanced queries using the NoRM driver. The queries you learn here are not specific to the C# NoRM driver. I will show you three forms of […]

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Using MongoDB with the NoRM driver

This week we look at using strongly typed C# classes to access a MongoDB database using the NoRM C# driver. The Driver The NoRM driver differs from the MongoDB-CSharp driver we looked at last time in that it uses C# classes directly rather than the Document class. It automatically serializes and deserializes your classes to […]

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Code from my “Introduction to MongoDB” talk posted on github.

I have posted the code from my “Introduction to MongoDB” talk at the Austin Code Camp 2010 up on github. You can get it here.

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Slides from my MongoDB presentation at Austin Code Camp 2010

I gave a presentation at the Austin Code Camp 2010 entitled “Introduction to MongoDB”. The talk went really well, and there were far more people there than I expected. I recorded the talk with both a camcorder, and Camtasia…both of which failed for some reason. So all i have is the slides. Here they are: […]

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JetBrains dotCover code coverage tool for .NET now in early access

JetBrains has opened the dotCover Early Access Program. dotCover is JetBrains’ new code coverage tool for .NET. Here are some of the features (taken from the JetBrains website). Calculates statement-level coverage of .NET 1.0-4.0 applications Integrates with Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 Integrates with ReSharper to show test coverage Highlights uncovered code in Visual […]

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